Win Bulls Tickets

Enter to win two 100-level seats to an upcoming Chicago Bulls game! Tickets are $50 each and drawings happen on the dates listed below. The Gary Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi, Inc. is hosting this raffle to raise funds for programming that directly impact the community and youth in the city of Gary.


To purchase tickets, contact Brian Cunningham:


Raffle Dates

November– Friday, Nov. 18th vs Orlando Magic, (drawing is Friday the 11th @ 19:11pm, FB Live)

December– Saturday, Dec. 31st vs Cleveland Cavaliers, (drawing is Saturday the 24th @ 19:11pm, FB Live)

January– Friday, Jan. 13th vs OKC Thunder, (drawing is Friday the 6th @ 19:11pm, FB Live)

February– Friday, Feb. 24th vs Brooklyn Nets, (drawing is Friday the 17th @ 19:11pm, FB Live)

March– Sunday, Mar. 5th vs Indiana Pacers, (drawing is Sunday, February 26th @ 19:11pm, FB Live)

April– Tuesday, Apr. 4th vs Atlanta Hawks, (drawing is Tuesday, March 28th @ 19:11pm, FB Live)

*Each purchased raffle ticket will remain in the pot for the entire NBA season. Winning tickets are discarded from the pot before each drawing.

Raffle FAQs

How do I win?

Buy a raffle ticket. Each ticket is $50. Each purchased raffle ticket will be in the pot for the duration of the NBA season. Your ticket is going to be in the pot until it’s drawn or the regular season ends, whichever happens first (regular season ends April 9, 2023). Buying early and buying often gives you the best opportunity to win.

How do I pay?

You may pay any member of the Gary Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi, Inc. in cash, or send a Zelle payment to: After your payment is confirmed, you will receive a text or email with your raffle ticket number. Checks are accepted as well.

How will I know if I won?

The monthly draw will be held a week prior to the game. You will be contacted via phone, email and/or text. The announcement will be made on our social media pages as well. We will send a link to you via text or email with the tickets.

Can I win more than once?

Yes, but a winning raffle ticket is not reentered into the pot. Previous winners will have to purchase a new ticket to be eligible to win again.

Can I pick my game?

No, the games have been selected. If your number is drawn and you’re unable to attend, you have the choice to donate, sell or give your tickets as you please.

When is the last day to play?

The NBA season ends April 9, 2023. If you have not purchased by March 15, 2023, you will not have the chance to win the seats. Buy early, buy often!