Senior Kappa Affairs

In 1993, The Grand Board of Directors mandated that all alumni chapters have a standing Senior Kappa Affairs Committee.

The 33rd Grand Polemarch Thomas L. Battle, Jr. has asked that emphasis be placed on increasing the number of alumni chapters with a standing committee.

In 2014, Gary Alumni Past Polemarch Jahi B. Garrett appointed Brother Edmund Gunn to chair this committee and he still serves as chair today.

Our mission is to:

• Bridge the gap in the Brotherhood and Fellowship between the Senior Kappas and non-Senior Kappas.
• Support the chapter in its efforts to fundraise and collect dues
• Support the chapter in its efforts of community service
• Act as a goodwill ambassador to Brothers that are homebound, sick and shut in and those in need of transportation or other services that can be provided by the Bond
• Provide seminars or information concerning health and financial issues

To date the committee has tried to live up to our mission statement by intermingling the young and the old at social meetings as well as wearing lanyards with the brother’s name boldly displayed.

The Senior Kappas have always been the 1st to pay dues annually and support the Kappa League through ongoing mentoring and financial support.

We have collected over 10,000 pop tabs to donate to the Ronald McDonald House charities and have participated in numerous seminars including: Financial planning; Medicare Part B; Flu, Shingles and Pneumonia-immunization and much more.

The committee routinely calls and send sympathy, Birthday wishes and get well cards to All Brothers in the Bond.

The committee stands ready to provide transportation services to those in need.The committee meets monthly at various restaurants and take the opportunity to celebrate brothers birthdays as a part of our birthday club.

For more information, please contact Ed Gunn at or